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Me parece que el Cristo es una estatua monumental, pero no tanto como para considerarla una maravilla del mundo.Es un simbolo de un Pais , pero no para tanto.

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The picture is of mahatma Gandhi.He was born in Porbandar in India, Gujrat.He is world famous.He fought to get India its independence from the British raj in 1947.He belived in non violence.In the picture that is shown he was making cotton.He told everyone to make their own clothes.

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Sun of Iraq says, “We will crush the ter­ror­ists. The democ­racy will win.” Bagh­dad Dweller weighs in with, “Say it loud and clear: I am a Sunni, I am an Iraqi and I voted.” Don’t miss this shot at Al-Zarqawi. Democ­racy In Iraq changed the blog name from (Is Com­ing) to (Is Here!) and is hon­ored to report cast­ing his bal­lot. More report­ing at Friends of Democ­racy and don’t miss this set of pho­tos. Con­grat­u­la­tions to all the peo­ple of Iraq.

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