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Fri, 7 April 2017 02:20:15 +0000
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... Amy Holmes likes short OLD Jewish guys.You're not suggesting that adorable little Amy Holmes is just a smarter, darker Anna Nicole, are you?

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Fri, 7 April 2017 01:48:58 +0000
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Wow! What a haul - I'd be heaven if I ever came across such a fantastic selection! The hen and chicken fabric is too cute, too cute. And loving all the clothes of course.xxxxxxxx

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Fri, 7 April 2017 01:48:05 +0000
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I like the colors of your respective site, somewhat, sedative colors perfectly match often the spirits of your respective entries! Not necessarily as soon as, not really twice, when I has been weightier morning, I actually learn your old blogposts and it also always improved my disposition!

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Thu, 6 April 2017 22:18:43 +0000
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Me gustaría ver ese mismo entusiasmo de la aristocracia conservador, por mejorar la calidad de vida de la mayoría. Al no estar las condiciones para gran parte de la población no me parece una mala la opción la del aborto. ES CRUDO PERO ES LA TRISTE REALIDAD A LA QUE ESTAMOS SOMETIDOS CON ESTE SISTEMA, QUE NO RESPETA LA VIDA.

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Thu, 6 April 2017 18:51:42 +0000
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- I think that this bride has the best style I’ve ever seen. I love the styling of the wedding too. That tree is amazing!! I want one in my back yard to look at every day. Beautiful post, start to finish.

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Thu, 6 April 2017 17:15:08 +0000
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All dogs eat grass, bark or whatever. . . . My 2 labs 7 years old, eating the mulch of my flowers all the time. . . . But you should not give your dog "people" food. There is no reason for it. Reused to eat, and it is not healthy for any dog – let alone a puppy, which is a much more delicate right now. My dogs only eat dry food, but sprinkle a few corn flakes or Rice Krispies on top and then swallow it all down. . . . .

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Thu, 6 April 2017 14:22:37 +0000
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You've got it in one. Couldn't have put it better.

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Thu, 6 April 2017 14:22:24 +0000
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Daarom voel ik me lekker in Griekenland, en dan special op de eilanden. Daar zijn ze expert in lummelen. “No problem” en “No stress” zijn er toch wel de meest gebruikte termen.Het is ok een raadsel waarom we ons hier in Nederland zo laten opjagen…

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Thu, 6 April 2017 11:59:51 +0000
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Ya know that FB relationship status of “it’s complicated”? Doesn’t even begin to cover my life. He and I are friends and will remain so and some day he may be ready for a relationship and when/if that happens, I may still be around. Or maybe I will be with someone new. Or maybe …. who knows. I am learning patience.

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Thu, 6 April 2017 09:30:18 +0000
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Great insight! That's the answer we've been looking for.