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Thu, 23 March 2017 16:50:57 +0000
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Ich finde es auch immer witzig, wenn Toruisten sich unser Haus mit großem Ernst anschauen da es als eines der ältesten Wohnhäuser zu den Sehenswürdigkeiten des Städtchens zählt. Und die Gedenkminute lege ich auch ein, denn es ist zwar schön hier nur leider alles andere als erholsam...

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Thu, 23 March 2017 16:45:30 +0000
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Just what the doctor ordered, thankity you!

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Thu, 23 March 2017 16:14:58 +0000
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This was truly excellent. We often overbuy corn when it is at it’s peak and when dinner is over we find that we have ears uneaten. This is the best use I’ve found for the leftovers. I’ve tried it as written and altering it to utilize the kernel cut from already steamed ears and it is equally delicious! And best of all it freezes with very little change of texture and taste. Thank You!

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Thu, 23 March 2017 13:18:29 +0000
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I'm grateful you made the post. It's cleared the air for me.

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Thu, 23 March 2017 11:38:19 +0000
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What a beautiful baby, and what a beautiful story. As we prepare to become foster parents to newborn babies awaiting adoptions to be finalized I pray that those entrusted to our care sleep as well those first nights as your Nate has.He is simply beautiful![]

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Thu, 23 March 2017 10:51:03 +0000
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That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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Thu, 23 March 2017 08:46:15 +0000
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You write so honestly about this. Thanks for sharing!

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Thu, 23 March 2017 08:11:55 +0000
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i found that the google website has some mistake in mosilla in linux. That is on searching in image mode the some mistake in text is found ,please take it as consideration .look the word "safe search" ------------

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Thu, 23 March 2017 08:06:04 +0000
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It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with expertise.

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Thu, 23 March 2017 07:19:36 +0000
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Christ, I love your kitchen wreath. Great theme, and I love how you made it very personal with a special ornament. You did a lovely job!Your mantle looks very festive!Yvonne