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Sun, 4 March 2018 10:07:01 +0000
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Ces 7 étapes résument à merveille! Depuis peu utilisatrice de médias sociaux, je suis agréablement surprise par la générosité dont font preuve les gens quant aux conseils, informations de toutes sortes! Voilà un plus pour moi. Il y a un côté humain très stimulant dans ces échanges… Ça me donne tout naturellement le goût de faire des rencontres réelles…Celles-ci donnent une dimension fort intéressante aux échanges virtuels subséquents…..

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Fri, 2 March 2018 02:37:18 +0000
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Oooh, a Canadian heroine?! That definitely strikes a chord with me, LOL Hero qualities I like: tender under a tough exterior, intelligent, and, um hot!Heroine qualities I like: independent, smart, a bit sassy.

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Fri, 2 March 2018 01:57:24 +0000
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I'm not able to use Playlists on Wii . Selecting a Playlist brings up a blank view screen with no description beside it. Under the view screen, are the videos in the list. Clicking on the first video doesn't start it, but makes all the videos disappear from the list under the view screen. At this point, the view screen is black and there are no thumbnails or descriptions . It's just a blank interface.

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Fri, 2 March 2018 00:37:09 +0000
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Może miedziane były i jakiś złomiarz się dorwał. Podobno miedź w cenie. :) pozdr o.s. a nie wiesz czy właściciel zgłosił fakt kradzieży na policję? Powinien.

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Thu, 1 March 2018 08:17:51 +0000
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YUMMY! I love a good tomato soup and this looks like it fits the bill. Thanks for sharing Angie, I have some home-canned san marzano tomatoes that are probably destined for this soup!

(1586) autofinanzierung
Tue, 27 February 2018 07:13:51 +0000
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Diane and the Waite family,I have known Randy ever since we went to grade school together and the one thing I always remember is Randy always had a smile and I expect that will continue,he taught people,helped people and loved life and I say this about very few people in life,"anyone who knew or met Randy or spent anytime with him are a better person for having the opportunity to say they had Randy in there life".Diane,our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family.Rick

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Mon, 26 February 2018 09:44:15 +0000
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I saw the Dark Knight trailer. I came. Of course, Christian Bale played a major part in that.Also had The Love Guru, the new Adam Sandler one, The Spirit, Indy, Caspian, annnnnnd that's all I remember.I loved the whole movie. I wasn't much of an Iron Man follower, but the ads intrigued me. I was not disappointed. I shall definitely be watching it again. Edited at 2008-05-06 01:32 am (UTC)

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Sun, 25 February 2018 10:36:56 +0000
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Oh no! Depressione post vacanza!?! Ma come? se vivi in California! Con tutto quel sole non puoi essere depressa, pensa a me, qua a Chicago fra un po’ inizia a nevicare e non smettera’ per 5 mesi! ;-(

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Sat, 24 February 2018 20:44:02 +0000
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Bonjour merci pour ce concours!!Ces ombres me faisaient envie,ça tombe bien!!Je voudrais bien le « sahara treasure » qui se rapproche de la couleur que je porte à peu près tous les jours.Les autres sont quand même supers jolies aussi!!!

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Sat, 24 February 2018 03:21:06 +0000
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Ancient Rome. I'm fascinated by the time period and they were so advanced. I'd love to try and learn ll the advances they made most of which have been lost over the passage of time. I'm such a history nerd lol@dyslexicsquirel@yahoo.com