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Sun, 18 February 2018 10:11:57 +0000
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Niech się pani nie zamartwia,nie jest pani osamotniona,właśnie za prawdę najwięcej mam banów i to nie od byle kogo,ale od profesorskichtuzów;)pozdro.

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Sun, 18 February 2018 05:21:41 +0000
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Beautiful pictures and sentiments… It’s heartwarming to know that so many of us share the same dreams, and feel the same deep gratitude for the sacrifices of those who came before us. I love the picture of your son walking towards the seagull on the empty beach – priceless!

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Sun, 18 February 2018 03:16:24 +0000
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Beste Luc,Je hebt al veel mensen laten verbazen maar dit TOP TOP TOP.De mooiste showroom in jullie sector ooit.Veel succes makker.gr. Benny

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Tue, 13 February 2018 06:29:16 +0000
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I loved their veggie sandwich that they have in the sandwich section. Funny thing is, I didn’t like it cold as it’s intended to be eaten, but when they heated it up in the microwave for me, I loved it. Finishing this up with the Chocolate raspberry cupcake is a well balanced lunch!

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Tue, 13 February 2018 00:34:49 +0000
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Zum Bild des Rundfunkrats:Das ZDF, inklusive der Digitalkanäle ZDFinfo, ZDFneo und ZDFkultur scheint es gar nicht zu geben. auch Phoenix und 3sat sind da nicht zu finden.Außerdem gibt es wirklich Bildungsfernsehen, nämlich den Sender BR Alpha. Dort laufen z. B. Sprachkurse für Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Russisch, Spanisch und Latein. Allerdings muss man dazu ein bisschen früher aufstehen, da diese Sendungen meistens sehr früh laufen.

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Mon, 12 February 2018 07:15:52 +0000
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Thanks for the good comments, you guys, and the shout-out, Gray! I know, Philip, it was really fun introducing people to the ballet and seeing what all they thought of it. I definitely want to do it again! Bob, haha, that’s funny, I DO seem to see different things in ballet than the average balletomane, or than many of the critics — judging by all the reviews and by the threads on BalletTalk, I have got to be the ONLY person who wasn’t upset by Veronika Part’s performance at the ABT gala!

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Mon, 12 February 2018 05:51:18 +0000
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Cheers, Michael. Both myself and the guys at Cubicle 7 are doing what we can to spread the word. Hopefully, sites like yours will help too. Many thanks again for the review – very kind words indeed.

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Mon, 12 February 2018 05:25:52 +0000
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Hola Cristina, mis disculpas, no sé qué es lo que mencionás y no sé dónde vivís. Es obvio que en cuanlquier casa que venda insumos para bijouterie, si es eso lo que necesitas. Cariños.

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Mon, 12 February 2018 04:05:07 +0000
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Hører ofte dette argumentet.. er jeg den eneste som faktisk lærte om ernæring og sunn mat i barneskolen? Vi hadde om det både i heimkunnskap og et annet fag, sikkert naturfag eller noe, fra ganske ung alder.

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Mon, 12 February 2018 00:00:13 +0000
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eeeeeeeeee! there is nothing cuter than baby feet - that is for sure!also amazed that there are socks on those toes...guess that is a perk to living in Cali, don't really need socks!