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Thu, 29 June 2017 14:14:56 +0000
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I’m with Sean on this one. The guys I know even close with that sort of bucks are all rabid “real 250cc race bikes go ring-ding-ding” two stroke fans.

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Wed, 28 June 2017 08:00:04 +0000
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Well, I suppose that could live for the reason that Abigail and the girls commenced accusing supplementary folks of witchcraft when they had been just discovered dancing naked within the woods and therefore, aberrant. Abigail furthermore engaged in a affair along with John Proctor. Individuals they were accusing were completely not liable of quite what they’d been recently accused allied with, and the exacting accusers had been the furthest entity on the globe from being holy… they useless in the lead orientation bogus witness.

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Wed, 28 June 2017 04:39:08 +0000
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just visited my mum today she is dying from Mesothelioma pretty polly the company she worked for have rejected here claim for compensation saying there was no asbestos where she worked (it was full of the stuff) sitting here drinking Glenfiddich Single Malt put my wife and daughter both disabled to bed.I am now listening to smooth radio reading post on max n stacys site looking forward to next week, I so hope it kicks off big time. I need a good laugh.I do hope Mike /Germany comes back next week I liked his contributions

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Wed, 28 June 2017 02:41:06 +0000
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I could watch Schindler's List and still be happy after reading this.

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Tue, 27 June 2017 23:50:45 +0000
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Well done article that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.

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Tue, 27 June 2017 22:56:04 +0000
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Hey, killer job on that one you guys!

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Tue, 27 June 2017 22:05:34 +0000
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Nu har du hittat rätt hylla hos ikea! (minns du?)Jag gratulerar till bullen i ugnen och hoppas att det går bra!!Kram Elle

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Tue, 27 June 2017 20:48:39 +0000
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A pleasingly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

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Tue, 27 June 2017 17:10:07 +0000
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Way to go on this essay, helped a ton.

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Tue, 27 June 2017 16:46:49 +0000
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Socialtrailrunner!Yes you are right! The my ambit and 310xt can match very well for some track. But even then the distance is still not the same. Ambit always shorter!I exported my tracks as kml files and imported to google earth. And voila, the distances matches much better! 10km turns to 10.2km, 5km becomes 5.1km and matches the garmin.There must be a problem just with reading track in some way! Please please mr DCrainmaker. Can you have a look on this?